Digital Consultants email program only works with businesses that have their own customer base. We have found conversion rates are far superior when a consumer asks for more information on a product or service. We do not work with data aggregators or compilers.

When we meet with a business that has a database of customers we understand the sensitivities of that relationship. Our job is not to cause conflict with the customer rather provide added value. This is a win-win for the business and their customers.

Example: An Auto website gathers leads by consumers who are interested in a specific new car. We provide added value to that client and advertiser by offering them related solutions like Auto Warranty, Auto Insurance etc. Our job is to extend the value of a lead or sale into other related points of interest. We do extensive testing and run the data against our targeting information for a clear understanding of which we are talking to and how to provide the most relevant connection for both our clients and advertisers.

Our Approval process includes the following steps:

Demonstrate a CLEAR opt-in path for the origination of this email address.

List owner must be clear that the customer is asking for more information from the business, we do not want emails back asking “Why am I getting this email.” All recipients must know who the email is from and know that they asked for more information from that company.

Opt out or remove lists must be up to date and the business must demonstrate how this process works.

The defining point of targeting is making sure that the customer is getting information/ads from categories or businesses that match their interest.

We provide turn-key customized offers to match the vertical that works. Give us a try to extend the value of your leads and customers.